Your Lie in April

After watching a handful of action packed anime series, I decided to try out a more drama focused on with “Your Lie in April.” This is a very touching story told with likable characters who all bring interesting conflicts to the table. Some of the arcs in the series are more memorable than others, but the main storyline sticks the landing in the final episode, which makes the series very memorable. I do feel the show is geared more for people who are passionate about playing musical instruments, which personally I am not, but provides an accessible and relatable story with something for everyone. Overall, this is a heartfelt romance story told in a unique way that I am glad I took the time to watch.




Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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One thought on “Your Lie in April”

  1. I personally couldn’t get into it due to all the tonal shifts, but I can see why its so beloved in many anime circles.


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