“Bayonetta” is a fast-paced and very entertaining game. This game features many fighting sequences that are essentially button mashing and dodging attacks, which was fine with me. I was able to complete three missions on Normal difficulty but I found the game becoming too difficult for a casual gamer like myself, so I finished it on Easy instead (Keep in mind, there is an even easier difficulty available for complete novice gamers). The game suffers from being too easy on Easy but way too hard at a point on Normal, but I preferred just having some fun with it. There is a story here, but to be honest it is not the main selling point of the game. The game is very self aware and humorous about its goofy premise, but I felt there was more potential for a better story here. Nonetheless, this is a solid action game that is fast, fun and to the point. It’s a solid older game to check out for genre fans.




Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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