Tales from the Borderlands

I’ve been a big fan of Telltale games for a few years now, so I decided to check out another entry from them. I’ve only played parts of some of the “Borderlands” games, so I’ve never been particularly invested in the lore. I will say this game did an impressive job creating characters I liked and tells a good story. I don’t like it as much as some of the other story-based games created by the studio, but I still thoroughly enjoyed this one. I think you can find enjoyment in this game if you like this style of decision-based storytelling, even if you’ve never touched a “Borderlands” game in your life, and I think that is an impressive feat.



Image: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-08-09-tales-from-the-borderlands-sales-werent-great


Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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