The Newsroom

I’ve been a massive fan of Aaron Sorkin for a long time now and I consider him to be one of my absolute favorite screenwriters. I decided to check out one of his television offerings, “The Newsroom.” As always, this series did not disappoint. The show grabbed my interest from the very first scene and kept my interest almost at all times. I love the messages about the integrity of the news and think it is a very important one that will resonate with audiences forever. The show is fictional, but it feels very grounded in reality, primarily because of the way it tackles actual events. I also think the characters have great subplots and the performances are rock solid across the board. Jeff Daniels delivers one of his most memorable performances and carries the series to greatness. These actors do a great job because Sorkin’s script is razor-sharp and very engaging. The show mostly shines in its first and final season but I definitely still think the whole series is very entertaining. Critics accused this show of being preachy, which at times it definitely can be, but I feel they missed the important part, which is how relevant messages presented are. Overall, if you like Sorkin’s other works, this show is definitely worth watching.

4.5/ STARS





Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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