She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

“She-Hulk” was a strange addition to the MCU in a variety of ways. I felt the character was generally fun to watch but sometimes the writing was a bit messy in the series. There were some episodes that I found really funny and others felt flat. The series never really grabbed me and I felt it was best enjoyed as a light diversion from everything going on with Marvel. I feel like this show often makes the same mistake of promoting female empowerment by showing dumb or irritating male characters which can be frustrating, but I still think the show is fun because Tatiana Maslany is genuinely charismatic. Also, it’s no secret that the show has somewhat iffy special effects and it does prove to be distracting at times. Overall, it was a fair attempt at something new from Marvel, but there were a lot of things that definitely didn’t work, and just enough that did to make the series worth watching once.




Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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