Pam & Tommy

“Pam & Tommy” is a series told with high energy and flair. The show isn’t afraid to be raunchy but it also packs a dramatic punch. I don’t know much about the real events beyond the surface level, so I enjoyed tuning into episodes every week, and could have easily binged the series if I waited until now. The show’s greatest strength is the performances from Sebastian Stand and particularly Lily James. James is completely unrecognizable, in part due to heavy makeup, but also in the way she speaks and acts. I think both of these actors should be considered for awards for their work in this series. The series does explore some topics that are relevant today, but I felt a lot of the time they would be brushed off to keep the show focused on being fast and entertaining. Nonetheless, this is a solid miniseries from Hulu and one of the first great shows of 2022.




Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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