Hannah Gadsby: Something Special

I am one of those people at the camp that enjoyed the last two specials from Hannah Gadsby. I found some enjoyment in her latest, “Something Special,” but I found it weaker than the other two. I think there are some funny jokes in here, but the storytelling just wasn’t as memorable for me personally. I also don’t think her brand of comedy is necessarily made for me, but I still think there is enough enjoyment here if you liked the previous two specials. This one is very lighthearted and fun and I think it moves along nicely and never gets deep into heavy topics, so in that regard, it might be more rewatchable than her best special, “Nanette.” Overall, this isn’t among my favorite stand-up specials, but it is still a decent one that I enjoyed watching one time.


Image: https://filmyap.substack.com/p/hannah-gadsby-something-special


Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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