Horizon Zero Dawn

“Horizon Zero Dawn” is a visually gorgeous and cool RPG game. The fantasy and sci-fi blend feels unique and I enjoyed the style of the game. The gameplay is enjoyable and can be tough on higher difficulties. I found myself having to eventually reduce the difficulty in the interest of finishing the main story because the game started to feel like work and I wasn’t really enjoying it anymore. I think the main story begins really strong and eventually does fizzle out a bit. I don’t need an amazing story in an open-world game, but it did underwhelm me because I was so intrigued at first. That being said, there is plenty to do in the game with many solid side quests and errands. Overall, this is a good addition to the open-world RPG games that genre fans should definitely take the time to play.


Image: https://www.cnet.com/reviews/horizon-zero-dawn-review/


Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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