Guardians of the Galaxy (2021)

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” game from last year is a delight for fans of these characters. The gameplay is simple, fast, and addictive. The game has colorful visuals and a good story. I found myself enjoying most of the sequences in the game and I liked how the characters are portrayed. I wish there were more opportunities to play as all the characters, as the game just lets you play as Peter Quill/Star-Lord and command the other team members. Nonetheless, the game is still plenty entertaining with action, humor, heart, and of course a great soundtrack. Overall, fans of the movies, comics, or even to an extent the Telltale game should check this one out, as it is just more great Marvel content that is a lot of fun to play.



Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

Film reviews and more! If you would like me to reevaluate a movie, and redo the review, let me know!

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