Alan Wake (Remastered)

I have a pretty funny story about my introduction to “Alan Wake.” A friend of mine received the game as a birthday present, and then I watched him play the beginning of the story and was immediately hooked. The game was too scary for me to handle playing at the time, but I always wanted to play it. Even though this is considered a milder horror game, it’s the right amount of scary for someone like me. I enjoyed the story and the challenges the game presented and it was nice to see it with updated graphics. I do feel the story is a bit confusing in some ways, but I still had fun with it. This remastered version comes with both of the DLC continuations that are also entertaining and make this package worth the purchase for people who haven’t played this game yet. Overall, it is a solid survival horror game that is both thrilling and creative.




Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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