Narcos: Mexico

I always thought “Narcos” was among the strongest Netflix series. The follow-up, “Narcos: Mexico,” isn’t quite as strong as the original series, but it is still a very well-made series. I thought the first season was a bit slow at first but by the end of it, it really stuck with me with its brutal and tragic storyline. I remember finding the second season the least engaging, but it was still good television. I recently got to finish the third and final season and thought it was very entertaining. There were a lot of storylines in its final season that didn’t seem to always connect, but they were nonetheless very impactful and kept my interest. Overall, it is a rock-solid show that is a nice supplemental piece to an already great series. I think fans should definitely check it out since it is stylistically similar and has great performances, even though the story isn’t quite as memorable as the first time around.




Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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