Batman: The Animated Series

Being a long-time Batman fan, it seemed like it was overdue for me to check out the very popular animated series. Just to be clear, this review is referring to the 85 main episodes and not “The New Batman Adventures” which is the continuation. This series presents many well-written episodes and has a very solid atmosphere for this universe. I do think there are just a select few great episodes but most of the others are at least good. There aren’t really any episodes that I would say are bad. What this series does really well is creating empathy for various villains with genuinely well-thought-out arcs. A lot of my favorite episodes in the series were told in two parts because of how fleshed-out characters would be in those. Overall, it is essential viewing for any fan of this character as it is one of the most impressive adaptations.




Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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