Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008 – 2020)

I watched a good amount of the first 2 seasons of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” as a kid on Cartoon Network. I never watched the series all the way through, so when Disney+ took on the final season of the series, I decided to undertake this journey. This is a show with many great story arcs and world-building moments and supplements both Episodes II and III well. I think for the most part it is easy to watch and keeps my interest. The series suffers from having at least one bad story arc in every season, which keeps it from true greatness. I think there are plenty of good and even great episodes scattered throughout the series, but the bad ones can make it a chore to watch at times if you decide to watch the entire series like myself. Overall, it is a solid addition to the “Star Wars” universe and one that fans will find plenty of enjoyment in despite some flawed story arcs.




Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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