Mr. Bean

I had seen plenty of clips of “Mr. Bean” growing up as well as the movie “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” at one point. I decided to watch the original series all the way through since it is not a long watch. This is a show that is simple and funny all the way through. Rowan Atkinson portrays this iconic character so well and showcases how effective physical comedy can be when it is done right. Outside of a few suggestive moments that might be too much for young kids, I think this is a rare comedy series designed to entertain essentially all age groups. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the edgy comedy geared for adults, but it was refreshing to see a series so funny without needing much raunchy stuff. I do like more of a storyline in the series I watch, but I still had fun seeing this character in ridiculous situations and executing the most outlandish solutions to them. Overall, it feels like a piece of pop culture and television history that I think everyone should take the time to watch and enjoy at least once.




Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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