Sharp Objects

Like the book it’s based on, “Sharp Objects” captures the same creepy slow-burn mystery. I read this book before this series was released and since it had been a while, I decided to check it out. While I do love the trend of books being adapted into miniseries, I feel this story might have worked better either as a long movie or a much shorter miniseries. The story feels a bit dragged out and I would say the experience of reading the book is a bit stronger. Nonetheless, I still liked plenty of things about this show. I thought the casting for all of the characters was very well thought out and fit fairly close to what I imagined when reading the book. The story unfolds gradually and maintains the creepy vibe that is to be expected from a Gillian Flynn thriller. Overall, I think the book is a bit better not necessarily because of the few changes in this adaptation, but because it is more addictive and paced better in that format. Nonetheless, I enjoyed revisiting this fascinating and unsettling story through this miniseries.




Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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