I have always considered Jim Carrey to one of the most versatile actors. In “Kidding” he showcases more of his dramatic side, with some moments of humor. This show is often devastating and Carrey is easy to root for as a Mr. Rogers type public figure. His character does make mistakes, but I could easily empathize with him at every hardship he faces. This show is ultimately about the hardships all of the family members face, and I found myself very invested pretty quickly. The whole thing is only two seasons but I think it manages to tell a complete story. There are a few episodes that are hilarious, and I wish the series took more opportunities to make me laugh, but nonetheless, the drama and the messages are very real and effective. As a Jim Carrey fan, I am very glad I decided to check out this quick series with my current access to Showtime.




Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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