A Teacher (2020)

“A Teacher” is an uncomfortable series, but one that goes into something that has happened before. This show isn’t necessarily a fun watch, but it is an engaging drama with good performances. I don’t think this series glorifies this sort of behavior and I couldn’t really see how anyone would interpret that way. To be honest, ten 20 minute episodes are easy to binge through, but this subject matter could have possible called for a longer and more complex series. Also, there is one aspect of how the final episode is made that isn’t particularly realistic and I think they could have improved it a bit. Overall, I think this is a fascinating cautionary tale that is an important watch, even if it isn’t always an easy one.

3.5/5 STARS

Image: https://www.rollingstone.com/tv/tv-reviews/a-teacher-hulu-review-1085238/


Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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