“Dark” is one of the most ambitious science fiction series in a long time. This show is a wildly original and worthwhile experience for anyone with a Netflix account. I thought the show grabbed my interest early on and I found myself wanting to see where it would go next as each season got more and more complex. I think the actors all do a good job, which is important in a series where there are so many characters. I also thought the show had a slick feel that I wouldn’t call scary, but rather ominous and unpredictable. The use of songs is well thought out in particular scenes and I think it added a lot to a lot of pivotal moments in the series. I did feel that the show gets to be a bit complicated by the end of it, and that took me out of it at times, even if I was using as much focus and attention as I could. However, I can definitely see other people seeing the show’s complex nature as one of the things they love about it. As strange as it sounds, I would recommend watching this show back to back in a short amount of time and I would even encourage some notetaking while watching it if you want to fully understand every little detail that is happening. Overall, this is a unique science fiction story that handles the idea of time travel in a truly one of a kind way.




Image: https://www.gamerevolution.com/features/554913-dark-netflix


Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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