Batman: The Enemy Within

I quite liked the first “Batman” game from Telltale, so I was intrigued by the follow-up. I think as a whole, this is a good Batman story. It is more focused on playing as Bruce Wayne which was an interesting change-up, but still an entertaining one. I think the story uses a wide array of well-known villains in a fun way and I always enjoy seeing this world come to life. The game presents some solid choices but only a few of them felt truly challenging. I liked how the game had an element of creating relationships with characters and loved how it presented how everything ended up in its conclusion. I did feel the story didn’t really pick up until the second half of the game and isn’t as well-paced as the first one, but I still enjoyed it a lot. Overall, fans of Batman and Telltale should definitely check this game out. It’s another example of innovative and enjoyable storytelling.






Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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