Normal People

People who enjoy seeing a realistic and captivating romance cannot miss “Normal People.” This series made me feel pretty much every emotion and really did a good job with the dialogue. Many scenes felt uncomfortable because it felt like I was eavesdropping on these characters’ lives and I really liked that effect. I believe that is a direct result of good dialogue and performances. I hope I see more of the two leads in the future as I found them to be immensely talented. Their chemistry felt real and they were both flawed and vulnerable. This show has moments of happiness and moments of devastation and is an emotional rollercoaster. I thought the story did jump around a bit at times and things happened abruptly here and there, but I think that was intentional to add to the realistic tone of the show, even if it did somewhat bother me at times. Overall, for fans of romance who want something unique, this is a six-hour binge worth taking.






Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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