Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

If I am being honest, I lost interest in the “Call of Duty” franchise years ago. I enjoyed these games a lot when I was younger and had lots of free time to play multiplayer games for hours. However, in all of the ups and downs, I’ve always liked the “Modern Warfare” games the most in this franchise. I was somewhat worried when I heard of this game because it felt like the franchise may have just run out of ideas. For what I expected out of this game, I actually liked it quite a bit. The campaign is short as always but it was fast and entertaining and even had some innovative missions. The games third mode isn’t one I spent much time on, but I rarely do in any of these games. No one I know buys these games just for the campaign or any other modes. The main selling point is always the multiplayer, and its still a good time. I don’t seek out games that focus on the multiplayer as much anymore, but I still can find enjoyment in them. Overall, die-hard fans of this series will like this game, and the rest of us who don’t play it as much anymore will still find fun to be had with it.






Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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