Game of Thrones

Despite having a flawed and messy final season, it’s hard to call “Game of Thrones” anything but a great series. The last season wasn’t unwatchably bad for me personally but it felt rushed and took directions I didn’t always like. However, when it comes down to the other seven seasons, this show is outstanding in every way. I loved the complex storylines and characters and found myself very invested throughout. The show has an epic feel and really felt like an extended fantasy movie series in terms of production value. My personal favorite season of the series was season 4 but I also had a great appreciation for seasons 2, 5, 6, and 7. I thought seasons 1 and 3 had moments that I loved but as wholes, they were my least favorite aside from the final season. This is a great series that people who love the fantasy genre should definitely check out, as long as you get past the fact that it has a pretty lackluster final season. As a whole, it is still a very well-made and memorable series.

Rating Breakdown:

Season 8: 3.5/5 STARS

Seasons 1 and 3: 4/5 STARS

Seasons 6 and 7: 4.5/5 STARS

Seasons 2, 4, and 5: 5/5 STARS



Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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