Escape at Dannemora

“Escape at Dannemora” is a top-notch miniseries that blew me away with its superb directing and terrific performances. This series is definitely one of Ben Stiller’s better efforts behind the camera and he does a good job telling this fact-based story. I think where the series truly shines is in its outstanding lead performances from Patricia Arquette, Benicio Del Toro, and Paul Dano. All three of these actors do a great job transforming into their characters, particularly Arquette who is unrecognizable in her role which is reminiscent of Charlize Theron in “Monster.” The most glaring flaw in the show is its pace. This is definitely more of a slow burn rather than a fast-paced thrill ride. There were times that I felt that the story might have been told better in the format of a longer film rather than a 7 part miniseries. Nonetheless, it’s a series that is worth checking out because it really stays with you because of how unnerving and impactful it is.



Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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