Batman: Arkham Origins

While this prequel in the “Arkham” series isn’t quite as good as the two games that came before it, I still enjoyed it. The story is solid and fast-paced. I feel Gotham is somewhat lifeless in this game when compared to “Arkham City” and traveling around it isn’t particularly interesting. The boss fights in the game are inventive and everyone poses a unique challenge, but a couple of them were pretty frustrating to get through. What shines in this game is the combat system we’ve grown to love over the years. It is a blast taking down multiple enemies in a hand to hand fistfight or stealthily taking them down one by one using detective vision. If you’re a fan of Batman like me, the game is entertaining despite the few flaws. It isn’t a game you have to play since all of the events take place prior to any of the events of other games in the series, but it is overall a good time for fans of this series like myself.



Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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