Beyond: Two Souls

In “Beyond: Two Souls” David Cage uses his unique gameplay style to tell another cinematic story. While this game isn’t as memorable as the previous game from Cage, “Heavy Rain,” the game tells a mostly compelling story that features outstanding performances from Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. As a fan of story-based games, I did really like this game. The story is told out of chronological order. While there are times where this can add to the story, I didn’t really feel it be necessary here. Another thing in the game is that the gameplay is unique but at times it does get a bit repetitive and at times playing as the character of Aiden can get a little frustrating. The game does feature some exciting decision making and morals are tested multiple times, but I felt the decisions in the early segments of the game don’t have too much of an impact on the story. Overall, it is a very enjoyable game that works mostly due to unique gameplay, excellent performances, and a mostly well-told story.



Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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