Sunset Overdrive

This game is a insanely fast paced blast from start to finish. I love the variety of missions and exploration this game has to offer. The main story is enjoyable and despite repetitive game play, I was never bored. The sarcastic vibe the game has makes it one that is also very funny. I enjoyed the witty dialogue and constant fourth wall breaks. Some of the missions did get a tad bit frustrating but overall it is as challenging as it should be. The game forces  you to never stand still since something is always going on. It’s a sillier apocalypse game that is a breath of fresh air.  Definitely game that I think is impossible to be bored by and one you should check out if you have an Xbox One.

4.5/5 STARS


Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

Film reviews and more! If you would like me to reevaluate a movie, and redo the review, let me know!

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