There aren’t many shows that stand the test of time as well as “Friends” does, and will continue to do for years to come. There’s something in it for everyone. The show is constantly hilarious and the characters are all very likable. They all have their flaws but you care deeply for them and their relationships. The show is full of messages that everyone can learn from. If you’re facing any sort of hardship in life, I could probably find an episode of “Friends” that you could relate to. I the timeless lessons are why this show is going to be talked about many years to come. While the technology in the show is a bit dated, the trials and tribulations the characters face are going to be relevant for young people forever. I think every season on the show is great but seasons 3-8 and season 10 are the reason to watch this show. Comedy shows tend to have a weak last season but this one doesn’t. It takes a few seasons to really get into it and the show somewhat loses its footing in the 9th season but for the most part, you just experience great storylines that are consistent in their quality. The performances are all excellent and I can’t see other actors playing any of these characters. The ending of this show was everything I wanted to be and it was definitely very satisfying. It’s a show full of touching and hilarious moments and great storylines. One of the very best shows you can watch.



Author: Yash Bansal Reviews

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